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  • General computer support:  We provide full support for all computer needs. From maintaining a building full of networked computers to installing your new computer at your home, we will be there for you.
  • Computer repair: Our presence in this field since 1989 means that we have repaired about every type of computer made since the PC was invented. We maintain a complete stock of inventory so that there is no waiting for parts to be ordered.
  • Network installation and maintenance: Both Microsoft and Novell networks are in our main focus for business support. We also do building wiring both for new construction and in existing structures for computer and telephone networks. We will install servers we build to your specifications or ours using the latest in proven technologies. Serial ATA RAID, SCSI RAID, IDE ATA RAID hard drive arrays matched with multiple processors make our servers faster than you will ever need and very competitive with the larger nationwide vendors. The benefit is that we are local and will definitely be on site to provide critical support long before the national chains finish troubleshooting your problem over the telephone.
  • Pricing that benefits you: Our parts and software markup is normally 20%. This means that you are getting us to warranty the parts we are selling you for 20% more than we are paying at the wholesale level. The alternative is for you to figure out exactly  what you need,  order the part on the internet yourself, pay someone you never heard of with your credit card online, then get someone to install it correctly and finally, trying to return the product if it isn't right or doesn't work. Not to mention actually getting a warranty replacement if it fails some months later. I should mention that if a part we supplied fails, we replace the part from our inventory and then get a warranty replacement instead of making you wait for the warranty replacement and then replace the part. Lots of advantages to letting us charge you 20%!


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